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T-shirts are by far the most popular promotional item. Put this option to work for you by choosing the shirts that best represent your organization, company, or school. Our T-shirt buying guide will help you consider which fabrics, fits, necklines and lengths will best match your audience, while also clarifying imprint methods and price options.



The first step in finding the ideal T-shirt for your audience is choosing the right fabric for your occasion or activity. The most common T-shirt fabrics are cotton, polyester, and blends.



Cotton is soft, breathable, lightweight, and affordable, so it’s widely used. Cotton T-shirts are great for buying in bulk due to their low price point, so consider them for your next fundraising event, team activity, or corporate event. Do keep in mind that cotton may shrink more than a polyester or blended material.

There are five different types of cotton to consider, each with their own distinct characteristics:


Ring-Spun Cotton

:Ring-spun cotton is created by twisting and thinning cotton strands. It is usually a higher investment, but extremely durable and speaks quality about your business.

Slub Cotton

:Slub cotton is woven to create slight lumps in a unique texture. It’s airy and lightweight, making it great for summer events.

Organic Cotton

:Organic cotton is environmentally friendly since it is grown with minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides, and is great for an environmentally conscious audience.

Combed Cotton

:Combed cotton is a strong and durable, high-quality cotton made with a higher thread count.

Pima Cotton

:Pima cotton is made from very fine, thin cotton strands, creating an extremely comfortable and soft T-shirt that is resistant to stretching and fading.


Polyester is offers durability, resistance to stretching and shrinking, and quick drying. Since it’s sturdy and strong, polyester T-shirts are recommended for outdoor events, sporting activities, and in harsh climates. Keep in mind that it isn’t as breathable as cotton or blended fabric.



Blended fabric takes advantage of both cotton and polyester, combining the best characteristics of each. Sometimes rayon is incorporated as well. Blended T-shirts are lightweight and breathable, while wrinkle resistant and durable. Due to the wide range of characteristics, T-shirts made of blended materials are the perfect all-purpose shirts.



Moisture wicking fabrics offer an optimal T-shirt material for exercising, hiking, or active events. Moisture-wicking material is versatile in both cold and hot conditions, so both short-sleeve and long-sleeve moisture-wicking T-shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Choose from different fits and colors to find the one that best fits your audience.




Before purchasing custom T-shirts, consider what fit, neckline and sleeve length you want.


T-Shirt Fits

We carry four different T-shirt fits: fitted, relaxed-fit, semi-fitted and slim.

Fitted T-Shirts

:Fitted T-shirts provide a tighter profile that hugs the waist, and are available for both men and women.

Relaxed-Fit T-Shirts

:Relaxed fit T-shirts are slightly baggier, providing comfort and stretch in a variety of styles and colors.

Semi-Fitted T-Shirts

:Semi-fitted T-shirts are tailored in-between relaxed fit and fitted tees, with more room and breathable weave plus flattering shape.

Slim Fit T-Shirts

:Slim-fit T-shirts sit close on the body, creating a sleek silhouette, and are usually worn for casual wear vs. athletics.

T-Shirt Necklines

We carry eight different T-shirt neckline options: crewneck, V-neck, deep V-neck, Henley, hooded, off-the-shoulder, ringer and scoopneck. The most popular T-shirt neckline is the classic crewneck T-shirt featuring a round neckline that can layered if desired. Another popular option is our V-neck T-shirt featuring a stylish neckline and available in a multitude of colors.

If you’re searching for a shirt featuring a collar, we also carry custom dress shirts and personalized polo options.

T-Shirt Sleeve Lengths

We carry three different T-shirt sleeve lengths: ¾-sleeve, long-sleeve, and short-sleeve.

¾ Sleeve T-ShirtsOur ¾-sleeve T-shirts have a casual, everyday look and are available in raglan-style sleeves in contrasting colors.

Long-Sleeve T-ShirtsConsider long-sleeve T-shirts for the colder months. Long-sleeve T-shirts are available in both relaxed and slim fits, as well as in moisture-wicking fabrics.

Short-Sleeve T-ShirtsOur custom short-sleeve T-shirts are the most popular and affordable sleeve length. They’re available in all materials and fits, as well as a large variety of colors. We even carry a pocket style tee for an upgraded look!


  • Silk-Screen

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a cost-effective and durable way to achieve a large imprint on a T-shirt; it’s a smart choice for bulk orders with bright, solid-color logos Colors and designs will appear clear and crisp thanks to ink applied directly through a tiny mesh onto fabric.

  • Heat Transfer

    Heat Transfer

    Heat transfer fuses artwork onto a T-shirt resulting in high-quality prints, and works well for simple logos and designs.

  • Embroidery Image


    Embroidery translates a design into stitching using thread, creating a textured look and feel. It works best with solid color logos, and less so with fine detail or small text. Embroidery adds weight to T-shirts, so we recommend only embroidering heavyweight T-shirts.

  • Dye Sublimation

    Dye Sublimation

    Dye sublimation prints a special ink onto transfer paper, then applies that paper to a substrate. Heat and pressure then adhere the dye to polyester fabric, resulting in a soft print on a large imprint area.

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving

    In laser engraving, a laser printer melts the surface of fabric, creating a durable imprint that cannot be removed (only available for specific materials).

  • Deboss


    In debossing, a metal die of your design is created and pressed into a T-shirt, leaving a colorless three-dimensional raised texture (only available for specific materials).

  • Direct to Garment Printing

    Direct to Garment Printing

    Direct-to-garment printing uses inkjet technology and digitally transfers a design onto a T-shirt, creating a soft feel on 100%cotton material. Great for full-color logos!

  • Puff Printing/ HXD Printing

    Puff Printing/ HXD Printing

    Puff printing gives a 3D feel to your design, with a puff additive in the ink that expands once heat is applied; this process is not recommended for designs with small details.



Keeping your budget in mind is essential when creating personalized T-shirts, so we offer a wide variety of price options.


Most-Affordable T-ShirtsIf you’re on a tight budget, our cost-effective T-shirts offer a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and fits.

Quality T-ShirtsOur selection of higher-quality T-shirts add on special features and finer fabrics that still may fit within your budget. Choose from moisture-wicking materials, tagless designs, organic options and more!Best Designer T-Shirts:

If you’re searching for T-shirts of the highest quality, recognizable brands that impress your audience, and softest, most durable fabrics, consider the choices in our best designer T-shirt selection.

We’re to help you find the perfect T-shirt for the perfect price. Call with questions: 855-833-5893, 9AM and 6PM EST, Monday–Friday.