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Man sitting at office desk holding iPad

Small Business 4 Min Read

Why you should automate your HR processes now more than ever

Manual data entry and processes can take valuable time away from your HR department and your employees. Here’s four reasons why it’s time to automate your HR processes with a digital, streamlined solution.

Woman smiling and holding files

Small Business 11 Min Read

HR check-in: 6 ways to support your employees in 2021

From supporting an ongoing remote workforce to automating your HR processes, here’s our top priorities for HR departments in 2021.

Woman in hat behind service counter smiling at camera

Small Business 6 Min Read

6 ways to entice customers to spend their tax refunds at your business

Tax refunds can mean a nice chunk of change for some consumers and big marketing opportunities for you. Learn how to get your customers to spend at your business.

Man and woman working on computer

Financial Institution 7 Min Read

6 reasons why rolling forecasts are the key to true agility

Rolling forecasts, rather that traditional yearly forecasts, can make your financial institution more agile and efficient.

Woman in creative office space reviewing content on her laptop

Small Business 8 Min Read

The 4 most important things you can do for your small business website in 2021

Deluxe analyzed more than 60,000 U.S. small business websites to uncover the four biggest trends and opportunities in online performance.

Female coworkers have a discussion over a tablet

Small Business 5 Min Read

Influential advice from women in leadership at Deluxe

Women in leadership at Deluxe share their best business advice they’ve received in their careers.

Two colleagues shaking hands

Financial Institution 8 Min Read

What to look for in a strategic prescreen partner

Use these questions to help find the right prescreen data provider for your institution.

Doctor in white coat holding iPad

Enterprise 5 Min Read

Breaking the digital stalemate in medical payments: Part 2

Digital payment tools for payer-to-provider commercial medical payments need to adapt to meet the needs of payers in 2021. Part two of this blog series explains what benefits and capabilities healthcare providers would like to see when using digital payments.

Smiling businesswoman with laptop

Small Business 1 Min Read

Deluxe Payroll Year-End Guide

Need help with payroll? This free guide is designed to help businesses with accurate, timely delivery of quarterly and annual returns.

process your payroll

Small Business 12 Min Read

Are you ready for year-end payroll processing?

Make sure your payroll team is ready to close out 2019 with our checklists, answers to frequently asked questions, bank closing schedule and other tips.

Employer doing payroll on laptop

Small Business 8 Min Read

10 need-to-know payroll FAQs

Don't know a thing about payroll? We've put together a top 10 list of the most asked questions employers need to know about payroll.

fi statistics

Financial Institution 6 Min Read

CFO’s checklist: The 5 characteristics of an agile FI

An agile culture of real-time responsiveness will separate the FIs that thrive in 2021 from those that don’t. The FIs with the best analytics, that can harness their data faster and focus on performance management, will come out on top. The CFO of the future will not only keep pace with this evolution, but also increasingly fulfill a role as a performance management leader within their FI.