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Many small business owners know it — the window of time between receiving payments from customers and getting access to that cash in your business’s account can make or break your short-term financial goals. In fact, nearly two thirds of small business owners report that this lag has the largest impact on their company’s cash flow[1].

Small business owners are good at moving quickly and adapting to changing financial situations, but the payments industry has not, until recently, been able to keep up and meet the needs of businesses. On average, small businesses in the U.S. have $53,399 in outstanding receivables, and COVID-19’s impact on the economy and small businesses has made this need for faster funding even more urgent. This tough climate makes it crucial for small business owners to be able to access their cash quickly, conveniently and on a schedule that fits their immediate needs.

A more efficient funding timeframe can enable small business owners to:

  • Pay invoices more quickly
  • Track expenses faster
  • Increase cash flow efficiency
  • Access real, hard-post funding during their hours of operation

Everyday Funding makes it possible

Get deposits within hours with Everyday Funding. It is available at no cost to all U.S. Bank checking account customers with a U.S. Bank Payment Solutions account. Everyday Funding provides quick access to funds, so small business owners can improve cash flow without taking on additional expenses.

Funding that keeps pace with business

Everyday Funding allows small businesses to have access to their cash within hours, not days. Cash turnaround can happen just a few hours from when you submit a batch for funding. Most importantly, you get your funds on your schedule, including nights, holidays and weekends.

Whether you need to pay an invoice on a Saturday or submit payroll on the Fourth of July, this flexible funding time frame helps small business owners work on a schedule that works best for them — not for their bank. Some products limit funding amounts or settled batch maximums, so Everyday Funding removed those limitations to fit the needs of busy businesses.

Preparing for the future

Efficient cash flow is crucial to the success of any small business, and small businesses are crucial to the success of the economy and our local communities. Everyday Funding supports you and your business through innovative cash payment services that are tailored to your needs.

Ready for next steps?  Contact a Payment Solutions consultant to discuss payments options for your business.  Get more cash management information and tips to help keep your business running smoothly.


[1] The State of Small Business Cash Flow Report, 2018, Wakefield Research

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© 2020 U.S. Bank. Member FDIC. Everyday Funding is available at no charge to U.S. Bank Payment Solutions merchants with a U.S. Bank checking account. Established monthly checking account and payment solutions account fees will be collected. Funding speeds will vary between weekdays and weekends, and are dependent on batch times. Funding is based on batch and will be processed every day, including weekends. Activation may take between three to five business days from date of Everyday Funding service request. Once the file is activated, there will be a change in the description of the payment when it is posted to your bank account.

Editor’s note: This article was written by our partners at U.S. Bank.

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