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Checks are the payment method most often targeted by fraudsters. In 2016, 75 percent of organizations victimized by fraud  experienced check fraud, an increase of 4 percent over 2015. More alarmingly, 30 percent of fraud cases occurred in small businesses, and 60 percent of those businesses  didn't recover their losses.

High Security checks  are specifically designed with multiple layers of defense to protect against fraud. With modern copiers producing duplicates that rival originals, it's easier than ever for fraudsters to copy and fake a business check. But Deluxe has been in the check business for over 100 years, and we've pioneered security technology that makes our High Security checks virtually impossible to copy.

Here are six ways our High Security checks work to prevent fraud:

1. Anti-copy technology

There's no need to worry about check duplication. Proprietary technology compromises reproduction on the majority of commonly used copiers. Fraudsters will end up with a black or blank page, no matter the quality of the copier they use.  

2. Safety hologram

A safety hologram adds another layer of protection to your checks. You may have seen something similar on your driver's license. Each check is hot stamped with a multi-dimensional seal that cannot be copied, as it contains embedded security features. 

3. Thermochromic ink

The next line of defense is thermochromic ink. This is ink that disappears when heat is applied. Copied checks will not be able to replicate this feature.

4. True watermark

You're likely already including watermarks on your documents and contracts. It's just as important to have them on your checks. Watermark pressed into paper can be seen by holding the check up to a light source but cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners.

5. Mobile remote deposit reminder 

These days, it's important to utilize financial solutions that you can use on the go. Not only should you be able to make payments anywhere, but you should also be able to manage deposits while you're out and about. With mobile remote deposit reminder, you will rack and date deposits made via mobile device to prevent depositing checks twice.

6. Built-in security

Built-in security is one of the most exciting and practical fraud protection features. High Security checks have a number of measures you can't see, including chemically sensitive paper, a chemical-wash detection area, invisible fluorescent fibers and more.

Even in today's increasingly digital business world, checks remain a top payment choice for many businesses.  High Security checks  from Deluxe can help you ensure your payments — from payroll to vendor bills — remain as secure from fraud as possible.

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