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Looking at 2020, COVID-19 has shifted many businesses way of thinking. From changes in operations to transitioning to online experiences, businesses have pivoted to fit the times.

Something small to mid-size businesses can do to take the pressure off is adopting drop shipping as a way to send their custom holiday gifts. This method of shipping helps your business save time and gets your branded products right to the customer’s door. Read this blog to learn the benefits of drop shipping and what it means for your business.

What is drop shipping?

According to Adobe Experience Cloud, drop shipping is a distribution method where the business does not physically store products. This method allows retailers to work with a supplier to allocate orders to a manufacturer. Then customers receive the order directly from the manufacturer. Here are the three benefits of drop shipping in the COVID-19 era:

  1. Less hassle for your business. Save yourself and your employees time by letting someone else do the shipping for you.
  2. Get your products straight to your customers door. After products are created, your manufacturer or supplier will send your custom wholesale products right to your customer’s shipping address.
  3. Keep employees and clients safe and healthy. With COVID-19 safety protocols, this shipping method allows you create a safer working environment for your staff and clients.
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Products to drop ship this holiday season and beyond

COVID-19 has forced consumers to shop online this holiday season. With record online shopping, many businesses are overwhelmed with orders. Drop shipping can allow you to take your mind off of shipping and get your products and gifts into the hands of customers more efficiently. Here are some product ideas to consider sending your clients and customers this holiday season:

How can you set up drop shipping for your business?

Setting up drop shipping can be easy with the right partner. Follow these 3 easy steps to set up drop shipping for your business this year:

  1. Choose your shipping partner and call the sales department to place your order
  2. Email sales your rep the spreadsheet of the customers’ addresses
  3. Once the order is processed, the package is shipped directly to your clients, customers, or employees.

This year, of all years, is the perfect time to make you and your employees’ lives easier and safer. Drop shipping is a simple way to take the hassle out of shipping this holiday season and set you up for a vibrant new year.

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