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While consumer groups may look similar, there are often striking differences

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To help our clients build more effective and efficient campaigns, Deluxe developed its own proprietary data insights that deliver insight into consumers’ wealth profiles and as well as their spending habits, at the household level. These insights will allow you to speak more directly to your audiences.


Find the consumer spending data solution that best fits your business

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Consumer Financial Insights (CFI)

A data suite that gives your company insight into overall wealth and the ability to spend and invest at the household level. This allows you to align your marketing with how different consumers spend and invest their money. 

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Consumer Spend

A set of predictive scores that gives your company better insight into how consumers spend their money within nine categories. It arms you with data points you need to better understand the spending power of your existing customers. 


Discover why proprietary data makes so much sense for your business

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Best-in-class coverage

Our self-reported, financial services-related behavior data captures unique wealth and buying habits of more than 128 million U.S. households.

Widely available

Our scores are available on most leading data management platforms and agency networks, and is available in a Fair Lending Act (FLA) compliant version which does not use any attributes such as age, gender, presence of children, etc.


5 of the top U.S. banks along with many investment, insurance, lending, and retail marketing teams trust our proprietary data assets to refine their campaign targeting.


With over 100 years of serving enterprises, small businesses, and financial institutions, Deluxe helps drive profitable account growth through its superior first- and third-party data assets.


Use data to reach your ideal customers faster

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Proprietary insights FAQ

What is proprietary data?

Proprietary data refers to any set of data which is controlled solely by your company. Typically, you generate it internally and have ownership. It also provides a sustainable competitive advantage to the company using it. This data can be protected under copyright laws or patents.

Why is proprietary data important?

Proprietary data can be big or small; structured or unstructured; raw or refined. What’s important is that it is not easily replicated by another entity. While most companies focus only on their internal data, it may not be an asset unless further developed. Companies that have developed their own proprietary data assets usually can build a unique market by solving a unique market need.

What is a predictive model?

A predictive model is a commonly used statistical technique to predict future behavior. It analyzes historical and current data to generate a model to help predict future outcomes algorithmically with a high level of certainty. The model is validated or revised as additional data becomes available. Marketers then use these models to build campaigns that offer products or solutions that consumers are likely to be interested in.