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Payment technology to take your business further

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We’ve been at work to provide you with a comprehensive payment processing experience. First American by Deluxe empowers you to manage and grow your business. 

With integrated software solutions, modern point of sale systems and smart terminals, you can deliver the shopping experience your customers want, while safely operating your business. 

  • Get paid faster
  • Streamline operations
  • General/technical customer support is accessible 24/7/365



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Payment processing solutions for your business

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Online payment page

Allows you to sell products and services on your website with a customized payment page and shopping cart capabilities. Give your customers:

  • Shopping cart capabilities
  • Easy payment options with credit, debit or ACH 
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Mobile payment processing

Accept payments for goods and services through your tablet or cell phone. Convenient and secure payment processing at your fingertips. Features include:

  • On-the-go pocket-size design
  • Improves customer experience by encrypting cardholder data 
  • Enables you to use EMV chip and sign or magstripe
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Virtual terminal

Get paid anywhere. This payment solution turns your computer into a credit card terminal—no special equipment needed. Here's how it works:

  • Log into the virtual terminal through any web browser 
  • Accept payments remotely or over the phone
  • Process both credit cards and ACH eCheck transactions
  • Set-up online reporting, recurring payments and invoicing
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Smart terminals and point-of-sale systems

Empower your customers to check out by swiping, inserting or tapping their credit card. Simply make online or in-person retail transactions with our POS solutions that put inventory management and reporting analytics at your fingertips. This includes:

  • Employee time management
  • Cloud-based reporting analytics
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Integrated software solutions

Easily integrate payment solutions into your existing business management software. Our software solutions serve the needs of multiple industries and businesses of all sizes.


Connect the best POS system for your business

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Spend more time servicing vehicles than taking payments. Create a secure and seamless checkout experience for your customers without adding expenses. Our countertop, virtual and mobile payment solutions offer flexible payment options to drive your business forward. 

  • In-store, over-the-phone or text payments
  • Account updater funcitonality and recurring payment set-up
  • Invoicing features
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Simplify how your restaurant pays and gets paid. Our payment solutions are small enough to fit in any space, and powerful enough to run the full house. Save yourself both time and money by:

  • Tracking orders
  • Managing inventory 
  • Balancing food costs
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Solve your top three payment challenges with our healthcare point of sale system. 

  • Speed up accounts receivables with no paper statements
  • Simplify payment options with one click on a mobile device
  • Seamless integrate with existing EMR and practice management systems for accurate and streamlined posting
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Reach your customers anywhere and manage your business at the same time. Use in-store or take advantage of eCommerce capabilities to increase sales, manage inventory and collect customer data. 

  • Solutions for in-store, online and on-the-go
  • PCI compliant
  • EMV compliant
  • Data breach protection


Save your business time and money

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Let's simplify your payment processes and  grow your business. Our payment technology enables you to: 
  • Easily and securely process payments 
  • Accept payments in any environment; in-store, online or on-the-go
  • Protect cardholder data and your business with our PCI Smart Program 
  • Understand your interchange rates and explore ways to save money
  • Access detailed reporting and business insights 
  • Enjoy best-in-class, award-winning 24/7 customer support

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Insights from our customers

When our firm decided to add payments to our software, we were immediately linked up with First American through Osiris. They made the integration process so easy; we were up and running in what seemed like minutes, plus we had a solution for sales that didn’t involve cases in our software. We’ve built our business on service and First American shares that mindset.

  • Kevin Haynes, Golden Gate Funeral Home

Great company, super friendly and helpful. Very honest reps with high integrity and ethics. Never had a problem with either account terms or rates and fees. Everything is disclosed upfront and in bold writing. Nothing is hidden. The company's mission and goal is all about supporting local business and making sure the rate plan they suggest is one that benefits the client and the business and not them. Couldn't be happier or ask for more.

  • Von Moofles, Boise, ID


Payment processing FAQ

What is a POS system?

POS, or point-of-sale, is like a digital cash register, but without the bulky countertop machine. POS systems allow businesses to check out a customer whether they are in-store or online, via app or internet-enabled device. The system calculates the price of an item, including sales tax, and updates the inventory count to show that the item is sold. Your customer then pays for their purchase and the POS generates a digital or printed receipt.

How does ACH payment processing work?

An Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction is  an electronic transfer of funds between banks. They can be either debit or credit. An ACH debit is the electronic withdrawal of funds from a bank account. An ACH credit is the electronic deposit of funds to a bank account (think direct deposit for your paycheck). 

How long does it take to process a credit card payment?

The time it takes to process a credit card payment generally takes one to three days, but  some payment processors are able to provide next-day funding for their business customers.  

How does payment processing work?

Payment processing comprises several steps but takes only a few seconds to complete. Here’s how it works:

  1. A customer uses their debit/credit card to pay for goods or services. 
  2. The merchant’s payment processor authorizes the payment with the card’s network (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and sends the information to the customer’s issuing bank.
  3. The bank verifies the card is legitimate and whether the funds are available to cover the purchase, either approving or declining as appropriate. 
  4. The merchant then compiles (batches) all the day’s transactions and sends to their payment processor for the funds to be deposited to the merchant’s account and debited to the cardholder (the charge then appears on their monthly statement). 

What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments use technology that allows your customers to pay for goods/services they buy from you without having to physically touch a credit card machine or hand you a credit card.

Is credit card processing secure?

There is always some degree of risk associated with handling and transmitting sensitive data, that’s why processing with a reputable payment processor is essential. PCI compliance standards protect your customer’s cardholder data from being stolen during and after a payment transaction, and include fraud-prevention tools such as EMV, tokenization and encryption.