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Digital payment solutions for your business

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    Transform your receivables process

    Every day, businesses large and small struggle with accounts receivable efficiency. The biggest challenge? Growing volumes of digital payment methods, each with their own processes and systems. Receivables as a Service (RaaS) from Deluxe equips businesses with a modern technology foundation. It’s a single cloud-based platform that automates payment processing and cash application across all your paper and digital payment types. RaaS takes a holistic approach that streamlines today’s payment challenges and powers tomorrow’s growth.

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    Transform receivables for your corporate customers

    Modern treasury solutions can differentiate your financial institution in a crowded wholesale market. Teaming up with Deluxe gives you the edge, thanks to the innovative capabilities of Receivables as a Service (RaaS). Instead of addressing pressing challenges associated with customer payments with piecemeal solutions, RaaS takes a holistic approach. It’s a single cloud-based platform that automates payment processing and cash application across all paper and digital payment types. Banks that partner with Deluxe can offer this exciting technology—and take advantage of our ongoing treasury expertise and support.

Solution Suite

Connect these Receivables as a Service components

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Remote Deposit Capture

Make convenient and secure check deposits from your office, in the field or on the go.

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Bill Pay

Delight your customers with simple and secure digital invoicing and payment options.

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Accept check payments with efficiency and ease through our best-of-breed nationwide lockbox network. 

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Integrated Receivables

Increase straight-through processing across all your electronic payment channels. 

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Remittance Matching

Reduce exceptions and speed cash application, no matter how you receive payments.

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Advisory Services

Identify hidden opportunities and accelerate your digital transformation with support from Deluxe treasury management experts.

Future-proof your receivables process

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Receivables as a Service puts an end to the costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes that plague AR teams. 

It puts you in control with maximum efficiency and automation—all while leveraging your existing payment channels and your current ERP system. 

It’s an investment that pays off quickly with: 

  • Faster processing 

  • Stronger data 

  • Greater visibility across all your receivables 

Unlike point solutions that tackle a piece of the process, RaaS can automate payment processing and cash application for all your paper and digital receivables. It’s a single platform—and a single partner—committed to your success and able to adapt easily as your business grows. 

RaaS customers show unrivaled straight-through-processing rates of 95%+.


FAQ for receivables as a service

How does RaaS speed order-to-cash?

From the minute you generate an invoice until you reconcile the final customer payment, RaaS injects speed into your order-to-cash cycle. Reduce DSO and bring cash to your balance sheet faster when you automate processing for checks, ACH, cards, wires and emerging payment types.

Can RaaS automate existing manual processes?

As digital payments proliferate, so does the workload for AR. RaaS alleviates the activities that delay cash flow like tracking down remittances, re-entering data and searching for information. RaaS puts everything within reach through a single online portal. 

How does RaaS leverage artificial intelligence (AI)?

Deluxe’s advanced machine-learning technology “reads” electronic remittances, matches payments to open invoices, identifies errors—and more. RaaS leverages this state-of-the-art innovation across all your payments for precision posting and unrivaled straight-through processing rates.

Can RaaS offer insights to help manage my receivables?

With a holistic approach that ends data silos, RaaS helps you capture enterprise-wide insights by turning your receivables data into a valuable business resource. Custom dashboards create a 360-degree view that fuels real-time business decisions; Deluxe treasury experts help you understand and optimize these insights.

How does RaaS optimize liquidity and working capital?

With fragmented data and manual processes, it’s impossible to make intelligence choices about your excess cash. RaaS not only speeds cash application, it transforms your business with actionable insights to drive informed investment and spending decisions.

Does Deluxe offer services to help us implement RaaS?

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, Deluxe can support you with efficient tools and knowledgeable treasury advisors. Working together, we can tailor an easy and convenient experience for your customers, while enabling your staff to work efficiently by handling all payment methods through a single solution. 



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