Deluxe Payroll logo


Founded in 1983 and originally incorporated as Paytime, Inc., our firm started with a straightforward mission: develop the most efficient, automated payroll solutions; customize them to suit the specific needs of our customers; and deliver every aspect of payroll service personally and professionally.

In 2005, the company moved forward with a name change and corporate re-branding to Deluxe Payroll. The new name, new logo and new identity represented a natural evolution from Paytime, and more accurately distinguished the company as a growing, responsive, progressive resource for the most advanced payroll solutions on the market.

Through decades of global economic fluctuations, Deluxe Payroll maintained a steady course of business growth and financial stability. Today, as part of the Deluxe family of businesses, Deluxe Payroll by Deluxe is positioned for continued growth and regional market expansion now and into the future. This is why we have taken the opportunity to update our branding to better represent our relationship with Deluxe, becoming Deluxe Payroll.