Pay-by-Pay Workers Compensation Solution

Under the weight of today’s volatile economy, companies are looking for a way to squeeze costs out of every aspect of their operations and make their cash go further. One of those significant and necessary expenses is your annual worker’s compensation premium – typically a 20-25% down-payment. With Deluxe Payroll’s money-saving Premium Link SM service, we can ensure that our client’s premium payments will coincide with their payroll schedule, resulting in a healthier cash flow for the business. Our seamless payroll/worker’s compensation solution, Premium Link SM helps our client avoid the large, up-front deposits and year-end surprises common with workers’ compensation insurance. Premium Link SM Instantly Improves Your Cash Flow. A traditional payment plan requires a down payment and installments over the year. The annual premiums are based on estimated payroll values that are adjusted at the end of the policy period by the often surprising audit. With Premium Link SM, NO down payment is required and we calculate the actual premium cost each payroll period. As a result the year-end adjustment, if any, is minimal. What are the Benefits to a client using Premium Link SM
  • Seamless interface between Carrier & Deluxe Payroll
  • No Premium down payment or installment fees required
  • Premiums based on actual payroll, not projected payroll
  • Improves cash flow with budgeted payments
  • Streamlined audit process at year-end
  • Eliminates administrative workload associated with developing employee census data
  • 15% off all Deluxe Payroll fees, including W-2s
  • No upfront fees to convert to Deluxe Payroll
  • Pricing for payroll services are fixed for 2 years