Client Referral Program

Save $200 on Your Payroll Processing + $200 eCheck

  • Here is an exclusive offer to Deluxe Payroll clients well worth considering. Give us a good business referral and receive a $200 credit on your payroll processing for every lead that becomes an active client. In addition, a $200 eCheck will also be awarded to the individual that submitted the referral. You can submit an unlimited number of referrals for an unlimited number of discounts – as long as they become active Deluxe Payroll clients! At Deluxe Payroll, we thank you for your confidence in our payroll services and we will continue to do everything in our power to earn it. For more information about the Deluxe Payroll Client Referral Program or to submit a referral, please contact your Customer Service Representative at 866.948.9871. Deluxe Payroll will update you on the progress of your referral, and we will apply your discount as soon as the referral becomes active.

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