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New Workers’ Comp Payment Program Offered for Restaurants

October 3rd, 2016

Deluxe Payroll, one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading payroll service firms, announced that the company has joined forces with Maryland Restaurant & Hospitality Self Insurance Fund (MR&HSIF) to create a new No Down Payment Workers’ comp payment option for members of the Restaurant Association of Maryland. Every restaurant pays workers’ compensation insurance and every restaurant has a payroll; by combining the best of both companies members of the Restaurant Association of Maryland will realize a significant cash flow benefit through a No Down Payment workers’ comp payment option.

Here’s how it works… Each pay period, you send your payroll to Deluxe Payroll to process. Deluxe Payroll calculates the workers’ compensation premium cost for that payroll period and automatically debits an account designated by you for the premium amount on your pay date. It’s that simple!

Enhanced Member Benefits: All the unparalleled benefits of owning your own workers’ compensation insurance plus:

  • Realize immediate cash flow improvement
  • No down payment required
  • Workers’ compensation premium payments based on actual payroll, not estimates
  • Minimizes year-end audit adjustments
  • 15% off all payroll processing
  • No set up or conversion costs to convert to Deluxe Payroll

If you are interested in this exciting new member benefit, please contact Brian Pfeifer with Deluxe Payroll at 443-279-9000 (x1212) or Selina Brandenburg with MR&HSIF at 410-584-8412.

Deluxe Payroll is headquartered in Towson, Maryland. For additional information on Deluxe Payroll, contact the company at 443-279-9000 or visit the web site at www.deluxe-payroll.com.