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Deluxe's Universal Terms of Use and any applicable purchase orders are incorporated herein by reference. Unless otherwise stated, capitalized terms used herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the Universal Terms of Use and purchase order, if any.

1. Our Obligations.

Deluxe provides you with a service to create and send email to multiple individual recipients for the purposes of marketing your business and to access reports regarding the actions taken by those recipients (the “Service”).
Deluxe does not have a duty to and does not generally screen or edit content or links originating from your emails, but reserves the right to refuse Service, monitor or to remove, without notice, any content or links which, in our sole discretion (or that of a court or regulatory agency), is deemed illegal, misleading, or obscene, or is otherwise in breach of our Universal Terms of UseAnti-Spam or Acceptable Use policies.

2. Your Obligations.

Your use of the Service must comply with these Terms of Use, our Universal Terms of UseAnti-Spam and Acceptable Use policies, and any applicable purchase order. You may use the service in connection with your own internal purposes and business operations and not as a service for any third party.
You are responsible for allUser Content, including without limitation, its accuracy and truthfulness and for ensuring that it does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors or infringe upon the rights of any third party. This applies for content created by us on your behalf at your direction which you have reviewed and approved.

If you require help desk support from us, you contact us.

3. Termination

After cancellation or termination, you shall process all unsubscribe requests within 10 days of your last email campaign. Upon request, Deluxe will provide the list of unsubscribe requests from your account.
Upon termination Deluxe may delete any User Content or other such information that may be archived. Deluxe shall not be required to return any User Content to you upon termination.

4. Warranty

You acknowledge and agree that not all email messages sent through use of the service may be received by their intended recipients and that not all of the recipients actions may be reported. You acknowledge that Deluxe does not warrant uninterrupted or error free Service and that Deluxe does not warrant the content, availability, accuracy or any other aspect of any information including, without limitation, the accuracy of spelling or grammar, all data, files, the User Content and all other information or content in any form or of any type, accessible or made available to or by you or its end users through the use of the Service. Deluxe shall be permitted from time to time to interrupt the Services in order to provide maintenance to the Service.