Is your Facebook marketing making an impact or falling flat? The only way to know for sure is to measure the results, and that starts with understanding the right metrics. In this article, you’ll discover five important metrics, why they matter and how to monitor them using Facebook’s free analytics tool — Facebook Insights.

Why Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights automatically tracks user interaction with your company Facebook page, allowing you to monitor active users so you can better understand the performance of each page. The user-friendly system helps you gauge the effectiveness of your overall social marketing strategy, so plan to make it your first stop. Get started by accessing your business web page and clicking “Insights” at the top. Then dive into the data!


The “Likes” tab shows you how many people have liked your page on Facebook and where those likes are coming from. You can use the date selector to view your likes and unlikes on a pre-set week, month or quarter, or view data in a chosen date range. You can also view a breakdown of organic versus paid likes, as well as a report on sources of your likes — from your own page or ads, page suggestions, page likes or others’ pages.

Why it’s important

Determine whether your fan base is growing. If it isn’t, there’s a whole slew of actions you can take to improve your posts or drive more traffic to your social media. Either way, you’ll want to take a look at which of your posts or ads are gleaning the most responses. Is your audience responding to emotion? Humor? The chance to save money? Identify trends so you can adjust future posts and ads to prompt better reactions and increase conversions.

Key insights

  • Where your likes are coming from
  • At what point viewers liked your page
  • Daily growth of your page likes


Simple, but powerful, the “People” tab provides insight into the fans who liked, saw or engaged with your page or posts. You can break down your fans by age, gender, location and language to see what demographic is most interested in your Facebook content.

Why it’s important

Knowing that women are more interested in your posts than men might impact the types of photos you include. Or, if you find that the people who are most interested in your post hail from London, you might want to include content that is meaningful to them.

Key insights

  • Demographic data about those who like your page
  • People who saw your post in the past 28 days
  • People who engaged with your post in the past 28 days


The “Reach” tab reflects the number of people you reach with your Facebook page and posts as well as the factors that increase or decrease your reach. Is anyone talking about your page? Are they reacting, commenting or sharing your posts? You can measure this engagement during a given time frame. And since you can see the number of people who had any of your Facebook content on their screen, delineated by paid and organic reach, you can figure out whether paying to boost your posts is driving your organic reach up or down. You can also see which posts are receiving positive versus negative engagement, and whether people were exposed to your messages from your posts, other people’s posts, page ads, mentions and check-ins.

Why it’s important

You’ll be able to see what content succeeded and what failed to captivate your audience — valuable insight to help you retool your content for optimal engagement. Are your people hiding or unliking your posts? Time to figure out why. If you’re getting a lot of attention from non-organic traffic, your paid ads are probably doing their job. If not, you may wish to apply a better strategy.

Key insights

  • Number of people talking about your page
  • When a post receives engagement — more engagement, higher reach
  • Number of people your post has reached organically or through promotions
  • Viewers positive or negative reactions to a particular post


The “Visits” tab informs you which aspects of your Facebook page, including your timeline, info and photo tabs, are getting the most attention. You can easily observe specific actions taken, including mentions, posts, check-ins and purchases. Learn which other websites are directing people to your page, and take note of which posts are inciting others to talk about them.

Why it’s important

Take note of drivers to your page and how you might optimize them in the future. Also be aware that more people talking about your posts may lead to the need for more focused management of your page so you can better respond to questions and comments.

Key insights

  • Whether or not viewers came from a website other than Facebook
  • Number of unique visitors


The “Post” tab reflects data on your most recent posts, including the beginning of the copy, when they were posted, the type of post, whether they were targeted and promoted, their reach and their engagement.

Why it’s important

Drill down to what constitutes your best- and worst-performing content and form a strategy to improve its future quality and opportunity to “go viral.” When in doubt about what kinds of content to post, you might check out what your competitors are doing and how their viewers are responding.

Key insights

  • All posts published
  • How viewers reacted to a particular post
  • When your fans are online and the best time to post to catch them
  • How different types of posts fare in terms of average reach and engagement
  • Top posts from pages you watch, such as competitors’ pages

While we’ve touched on five need-to-know Facebook metrics, Facebook Insights can provide a wealth of data about your Facebook page. Don’t be intimidated by the numbers and graphs — there’s always the Facebook Help Center if you get stuck. Dive into the data and start boosting your social media marketing strategy today.

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