Control Cash Flow with eChecks


Send payments in seconds and take the guesswork out of when it’s received.


Pay within seconds

No more building in extra time for the mail to be delivered. Emailable checks are received within seconds of being sent, so you can more easily plan around your cash flow.

Keep your cash longer

Since payments arrive in seconds at the speed of email, Deluxe eChecks allow you to hold on to your funds as long as possible and allow you to pay your bills on the last day they are due. With eChecks, you control exactly when your payments are received.

More payment flexibility

Send payments ahead of time to take advantage of early payment discounts and never worry about rushing payments again. Vendors often require payments before shipping your supplies. Deluxe eChecks give you the power to pay in seconds to get your orders processed immediately.

Remove guesswork from check float

Sending checks through the U.S. Postal Service is unpredictable. You’re not always sure if your payment will arrive in 2 days, 5 days or if it may never arrive because it’s lost in the mail. eChecks take the mystery out of the check float and allow you to wait until the last second to make your payment when you’re ready—knowing that it will arrive safely, securely and on time.

Make payments when funds arrive

Businesses that have unpredictable cash inflows, such as building contractors, often get paid for one project and immediately use those funds to fund their next project. With Deluxe eChecks, send your payments as soon as the funds are available in your account—allowing you to start, finish and bill projects faster.


“In my small company, cash flow is everything. I may not be able to place an order until I get that vendor paid. Now I call my rep and say ‘I just sent you an eCheck’ and they say ‘Go ahead and place that order.’”

- Rod Carter, Carter's Custom Sound

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Deluxe eChecks save money

  • Improve your cash flow by reducing costs

    Use Deluxe eChecks to eliminate operational costs:
    • No need for paper check stock or envelopes
    • No printing costs
    • No postage
    • No handling costs
    • No stuffing or mailing delays
    • No overnight courier or rush fees
    • No delivery and receipt tracking

  • No subscriptions or hidden fees

    Send payments at the speed of email without worrying about contracts or hidden fees.
    • No subscription or contract needed
    • No set-up or monthly fees
    • Purchase only the emailable checks you need


echecks mobile App

Mobile App

Pay anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the free app and enter your eCheck credentials to:
  • create, send & receive payments
  • authorize and send checks created by another user
  • monitor your account activity
  • view payments you've received in your lockbox
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echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App

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