eChecks Access Controls & Approvals


You’re in complete control with Deluxe eChecks

Deluxe eChecks give you the option to add users to help with the eCheck preparation process. You decide which functions each user can and cannot do.


You determine each employee’s eCheck access

Authorize different employees to create, sign and send, or void your electronic checks. Designate certain users to administer your Deluxe eChecks account.



eChecks can't be sent without proper approval

For added security, create eCheck approval tiers. In just a few clicks, set up a user who can create checks but not send them without approval. Reserve approval power for yourself, or designate additional employees to approve eChecks before they can be released.



Get a clear audit trail

Because each user has their own secure password, eChecks provide a clear audit trail of which user performed an action. You'll know who created, signed, sent or voided a check — and when.



Create unique permissions for each of your payment accounts

Delegate specific levels of control and user permissions for each payment account you manage.



Get flexibility without sacrificing security

  • Grant temporary permissions to cover vacation or travel

    No need to leave blank checks behind if your designated check signer will be away from the office for days or weeks at a time. Grant temporary permissions for creating or signing Deluxe eChecks, then rescind them when it’s convenient. Plus, access complete digital records of any checks issued during this period.
  • Sign eChecks remotely

    Authorized signers who are traveling or at a different location can electronically sign Deluxe eChecks from wherever they happen to be at the time.
  • Authorize users based on these key areas of account management:

    Administrative permissions:
    • Ordering new checks
    • Exporting positive pay files

    Check issuing and signing permissions:
    • Creating single checks, check runs and batch imports
    • Signing and sending checks
    • Voiding checks

    Other account permissions:
    • Printing incoming checks for deposit
    • Viewing remittance data
    • Managing eChecks users
    • Editing payee files