Boost customer experience and NPS by digitizing the claims process.

Deliver claim payments faster using the technologies of Deluxe Payment Exchange (DPX) and Prelude Software. Provide clients choice in how funds are deposited whether digitally or print and deposit.
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“In 2019, $13 billion dollars were transacted via the Deluxe Payment Exchange.”

Michael Reed
General Manager of Payments at Deluxe Corporation

Why DPX and Prelude Software?

Boost NPS and Meet Customers’ Changing Demands.

Drive NPS With Quick Payments

Boost NPS with a fully digital payment experience. As soon as claims are approved, payments can be issued by adjusters and received in seconds.

Give Claimants Control

Clients recover quicker from crisis receiving claims payments immediately in the manner they choose, via credit card, debit card, direct deposit (ACH), or printing eChecks.

Experience Easy Integration

Using the Guidewire-Certified accelerator from Prelude, integrate digital payments seamlessly into Guidewire and other insurance core systems reducing deployment times by up to 78%. Adjusters can digitally issue claim payments and EOPs from their current claims system. No need to learn new programs.

Eliminate Digital Confusion

DPX delivers and manages the most popular payment methods for claimants to choose from, while integrating seamlessly into insurance core systems and meeting unique carrier needs.

SMA Whitepaper: Strategies for Digitizing the Claims Payment Process

Understand emerging digital expectations from claimants and how eChecks payments are the best choice for quickly, cost-effectively digitizing payments without disrupting business processes.

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Webinar Replay: Digitizing the Claims Payment Process

Today’s claimants expect options in the way they get paid, including digitally. In this webinar, hosted by insurance claims expert Karen Furtado, you’ll learn how easily you can begin to satisfy those expectations by migrating from paper checks to Deluxe eChecks.

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Did you know: “The top two factors claimants value with payment experience are security of their financial data and speed of payment.”
- Disbursement Satisfaction Index 2018
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Deluxe digitizes the claims payment process quickly and securely without requesting personal data (PII).

Why Deluxe Payment Exchange

Modernizing Made Easy.

Today’s customers demand choices, both traditional and digital. Engage them and they’ll view you as a trusted partner rather than simply an insurance provider. Our Deluxe patented eChecks payment method lets you offer those choices to your claimants while giving your team the option of both batch runs or single issued checks.

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Pay Claims in Seconds from the Office or in the Field

Create eChecks

1. Upon approving claim, adjuster issues payment in claims system.

Send eChecks

2. Via API, DPX digitizes and sends payment and EOP to claimant.

Print eChecks

3. Claimant notified of claim payment, chooses payment method, and views EOP.


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