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Seamless integration with QuickBooks

Ready to make QuickBooks quicker? Simply use one of the free add-ons for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, and start writing QuickBooks eChecks the same way you create paper checks.

Thanks to the seamless integration between the two, you'll be able to enjoy the savings and convenience of eChecks without changing your accounts payable process.


How eChecks integrate with QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration with Deluxe eChecks takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and can save you countless hours by reducing cumbersome and time-consuming accounts payable processes.


Before starting the Add-on installation, be sure to Allow API access to your eChecks account.

API for Direct Integrations, Mobile Checkbook & eChecks Add-ons

This setting can be found by navigating to your User Profile (log in, click User Name in the upper right-hand corner and then select Profile from the drop-down menu).

  • QuickBooks Online

    Once you've established both a QuickBooks® Online and Deluxe eChecks account, you can link your QuickBooks bank account with your Deluxe eChecks bank account(s) quickly and easily with the complementary Deluxe eChecks QuickBooks Online add-on. Then, once you add the email addresses of the vendors you want to pay with eChecks, making those payments is this easy:
    • On the QuickBooks Add a Check screen, select a bank account that is linked with eChecks
    • Select the Print Later box
    • Include remittance data and attachments with each eCheck you send
    • After an eCheck is created, your check register will be populated with the check number

    The system will automatically detect these conditions and initiate the creation of an eCheck.

    Already have an eChecks account? Click here to Get Started with QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop

    If you're a user of QuickBooks Desktop 2010 or higher, simply download the free Deluxe eChecks add-on for QuickBooks to get started. Installation is fast and easy.
    • Select the Pay Bills or Write Checks function as usual
    • Pull those payments into eChecks; the information automatically populates, just like paper checks
    • Include remittance data and attachments with each eCheck you send
    • After an eCheck is created, your check register will be populated with the check numbers
  • Already have an eChecks account? Click here to download the QuickBooks Desktop add-on

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No additional investment

There's no new software to buy or additional training required. Simply select one of the free add-ons for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, and start using QuickBooks to write eChecks the same way you create paper checks.



No changes to your current AP process

Whether you use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, it's easy to issue eChecks in just a few clicks. The remittance data can be included so recipients can easily reconcile the payments.





Not using QuickBooks?

You can use eChecks with any accounting package to send emailable payments in seconds. Simply export a .CSV file containing check details, email addresses and remittance data for your outgoing checks. Upload the file to your Deluxe eChecks account and deliver your payments in just a few clicks.

“We are able to upload our data from our point-of-sale system so that sellers can be paid very quickly. We've reduced our cycle time from about 10 days to four days.”

- Tracy Panase, Just Between Friends

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Deluxe eChecks are guaranteed to save time, save money and integrate easily with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. If within 60 days, you're not completely satisified with your eChecks experience, Deluxe will refund the unused portion of your eChecks order.

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out of 5

Office manager/Drafter

Deluxe held my hand transitioning to using eChecks. With several practice checks at the beginning, there was no risk to our bottom line. A bundle of eChecks is quite a bit cheaper than the paper checks we would have had to purchase (plus we could buy fewer, which was all we needed). It was so easy and straightforward. Sending payments through Deluxe gets the bills paid faster and more efficiently. The platform provides all the info I need to track the outgoing checks. When I've had problems, Deluxe has been right there to help. Thanks Deluxe!
out of 5

The process is invaluable

The process is invaluable. A lot of stuff in our business is last minute or spur of the moment and you have to get it out really quickly and someone needs it immediately, so mailing a check is impossible. This is a tangible product that they can have in their hands immediately. It is made for our business, it's perfect.
out of 5

I can send eChecks, life is good

In my small company, cash flow is everything. I may not be able to place an order until I get that vendor paid. Now I call my rep and say 'I just sent you an eCheck" and they say 'Go ahead and place that order.' I would say another big plus is I can do it from my mobile phone. In today's world I can control my home from my mobile phone, I can let people in, I can control my lighting, I can send eChecks. Life is good.
out of 5

A lifesaver for our company

I would highly recommend Deluxe e-checks as it has saved our Accounts Payable department several hours each week processing payments. Prior to implementing e-checks, our A/P clerk would print out the checks (about 1030/week) and they’d go for signing. Then the checks would come back to the A/P clerk to stuff into envelopes. We’ve literally cut our A/P process in half by eliminating the check stuffing! I was hesitant at first when I heard about checks being emailed, but little did I know what a lifesaver this was for our company. The other plus is the customer service from Deluxe is like no other vendor I’ve ever done business with – they truly care about their clients!

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