Smart, simple integration


The QuickBooks Add-Ons are quick and easy to set up.

The seamless integration between the two only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be really happy with the result.


  • QuickBooks Online

    Use the Add-On to issue eChecks from within QuickBooks® Online.

    The free Deluxe eChecks QuickBooks App facilitates linking your QuickBooks bank account(s) to your eChecks checking account(s). This one-time set-up requires 5 minutes or less. Then, simply add email addresses to any vendors you want to pay with eChecks. Once set up is complete, all QuickBooks Online users with access to your company accounts can create/send eChecks in addition to printed checks.

    Note: The person using the app to connect QuickBooks Online and eCheck accounts needs proper permission levels. They must be both an Administrator on the QuickBooks company file as well as the owner of the eChecks checking account being linked.



    • QuickBooks Online Account
    • eChecks Checking Account with pre-purchased eChecks

    Set Up Guide
    QuickBooks Online FAQs
  • QuickBooks Desktop

    Use the eCheck Add-On to issue checks from QuickBooks Desktop.

    The free Deluxe eChecks Add-On for QuickBooks enables you to send checks electronically instead of printing them. This one-time set-up requires 10 minutes or less. Once downloaded, the Add-On integrates seamlessly with your existing QuickBooks Desktop software so that eCheck issuance happens within your normal workflow. The Add-On connects to your current company file and shows you the pending checks “to be printed.” You select the checks you want to issue, and the Add-On uploads them to your eChecks account for fast and seamless online delivery.



    • eChecks Checking Account with pre-purchased eChecks
    • QuickBooks Desktop Software

    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP or later

    Supported QuickBooks versions:

    • QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Simple
    • Start from 2010 or later

    Install and Use Instructions
    QuickBooks Desktop FAQs

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