Send eChecks the way you want


Deluxe eChecks make it easy.

Send a single payment, create a check run, or import a check batch. Whether your business is one person or a large enterprise, Deluxe emailable checks scale up or down to fit your needs.

Get the convenience of customizable payment processing

With Deluxe eChecks, you can:
  • Send individual payments as you need them
  • Create check runs containing multiple eChecks
  • Import a .CSV check batch and send the payments as eChecks
  • Integrate eChecks with QuickBooks and write eChecks right from the software

Fast and easy, no matter the number

Whether you’re sending one payment, hundreds, or even thousands of payments, creating and sending emailable Deluxe eChecks is fast and easy. Send the payments you want to, when you need to send them, in just a few clicks. Deluxe eChecks save so much time and money, you won’t want to go back to issuing paper checks.

Sending a single check?

Nothing is faster or easier than creating, signing and emailing a Deluxe eCheck to the recipient. Process a payment from start to finish, and include remittance data, in seconds.

Creating a check run?

If you’re sending more than one payment, it’s simple to create a run of Deluxe eChecks. Enter the recipient information and amounts, sign the checks online, and release them all in a matter of minutes.

Importing a check batch?

Generate electronic checks from a traditional payment batch. Simply import your .CSV file into your Deluxe eChecks account, approve the emailable payments and send them out in just a few clicks.

Integrate with QuickBooks®

No new software to buy, and no training required. Simply download the free Deluxe eChecks add-on for QuickBooks, and start using QuickBooks to write Deluxe eChecks the same way you create paper checks. Select the Pay Bills or Write Checks function in QuickBooks, and the eCheck information automatically populates, just like a paper check. Include remittance data, issue the checks in just a few clicks and receive an email summary of your payments.

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“I do a lot of batch payments and not having to write them... not having to mail them, it's just been excessively beneficial.”

- Matthew Peters, JMSP LLC

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echecks mobile App

Mobile App

Pay anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the free app and enter your eCheck credentials to:
  • create, send & receive payments
  • authorize and send checks created by another user
  • monitor your account activity
  • view payments you've received in your lockbox
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echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App

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