Verifying an eCheck


If you are a financial institution employee, then you’ve come to the right place.

Built on a patented fraud-prevention platform using trusted time stamps, our system allows easy verification of each check and ensures that the check has not been altered since it was created. Similar to paper checks, verifying check data does not confirm nor guarantee funds availability.

eCheck Verification for Financial Institutions


When used, Deluxe’s Check Verification Service provides:

  • confirmation that the eCheck was issued by an authorized party
  • proof of critical check data such as payee and amount
  • verification that items remain unmodified from the electronic original

As a bank, you are not required to verify a check in order to process it. This is a supplementary security offering available to all financial institutions if and when they choose to investigate specific check items further.

Banks registered with the service can receive additional information by calling us at 800.631.8962.

There are two possible outcomes if and when financial institution personnel verify a check:

1) “Check is valid including payee name”
This message appears when an eCheck has been positively verified meaning all information is accurate and the check has not been altered. This DOES NOT, however, guarantee that funds are available in this account.

2) “Check could not be verified”
If the issuer has mistyped any information or if one or more components of the eCheck has been altered from its original state, the “check could not be verified” message will appear. Details regarding possible alterations will be intentionally vague due to security concerns and you will be instructed to contact the Deluxe Held Desk for more information.


If you are a financial institution looking to verify a Deluxe eCheck, visit Deluxe's Check verification page at

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NOTE: All financial institutions can use the Deluxe eCheck Verification Service for both eChecks and paper checks. Deluxe eChecks are automatically registered, where paper checks need to be manually registered by the check writer in order to be verifiable.

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