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Deluxe eChecks state-of-the-art security features help eliminate check fraud for greater peace of mind.

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How secure are Deluxe eChecks?

When it comes to check payments, security is paramount. Built on a foundation of security and developed specifically with security in mind, Deluxe eChecks feature a traceable pedigree along with other security features to minimize the chance of fraud.
State-of-the-art security features virtually eliminate check fraud for greater peace of mind.

Unprecedented platform security

Our servers are housed in a secure, camera-monitored environment behind closed doors. By employing an intricate system of checks and balances, we control who can access our records. Deluxe eChecks are not sent as an attachment but are retrieved via a link from our secure, online system.

Organizational and Financial Controls

As the administrator of your Deluxe eChecks account, you’ll be able to designate not only who can log into the account, but also what they can do within the account. These permission levels include options such as:
    • create checks
    • sign and send checks
    • and more, depending on their needs and role
By providing this Separation of Controls feature, we’ve added an extra layer of flexibility and security to your eChecks account – one that can only be modified by the account administrator.

Reduced touchpoints = reduced risk of fraud

The typical paper check is touched by 8 people during its life cycle, from issued to deposit. Deluxe eChecks go directly from the issuer to the recipient, eliminating 6 interception points where fraud could be perpetrated.

Check voids and Stop Payments

Until a Deluxe eCheck has been retrieved and printed, it can be voided through the online system, virtually eliminating the need to issue Stop Payments. Once voided, an eCheck will no longer be retrievable.

Verification on our secure online database

Our patented technology includes a proprietary stamp on each eCheck that allows financial institution’s to verify authenticity. If your bank has questions, they can simply follow the directions provided on every eCheck to verify authenticity, and confirm that it has not been modified or altered since the time it was issued.

No need to store sensitive financial information

Unlike other electronic payment methods, all you need to send eChecks is your recipient’s email address. There’s no need to obtain recipient’s sensitive financial information so you don’t have to worry about keeping someone else’s bank information secure. If you don’t have an email address for a recipient, our Print+Mail option allows you to create a payment within the system and we’ll print and mail a check, same day, on high-security check stock.

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