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Find the answers to the most frequently asked Deluxe eCheck questions.


What are eChecks and how do I use them?

What is a Deluxe eCheck?

Deluxe eChecks are simply regular checks that you can send and receive in just seconds using email. There’s no additional software or technology required and anyone with an email address can receive an eCheck.

So, it’s just a regular check?

Other than the fact that you can send and receive them in just seconds using email? Yes, they’re exactly like traditional paper checks that you can deposit at your bank, at an ATM or using a mobile banking app. Each Deluxe eCheck contains the same elements as a traditional check including routing number, account number, signature line, amount paid, payee and check number.

How do I email a check?

  1. Create your free account here
  2. Select the quantity of eChecks you’d like to purchase
  3. Start creating and sending checks (all you need is the recipient’s email address)

How long will it take to set up my account?

Setting up an account only takes a couple of minutes, however, before you can start sending eChecks, you’ll need to verify that you’re authorized to access the checking account being added. This verification process can take minutes or up to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the required verification.

How do I pay for Deluxe eChecks?

The only way to pay for eChecks is with an eCheck! Once you submit an order, the system will generate an eCheck payable to Deluxe for the amount of your order. But don’t worry, this eCheck will not come out of your order or supply.

Are there additional fees associated with Deluxe eChecks?

No. Deluxe eChecks are a product that you purchase, not a service. Pay for the quantity that best fits your needs and that’s it: no subscriptions, contracts, monthly fees or hidden costs.

I’m ready to order Deluxe eChecks! How quickly can I get them?

Orders and reorders of Deluxe eChecks are made from our secure online platform and are immediately available in your account. That means no more rush printing and shipping costs because you’ve unexpectedly run out of checks!

How fast & easy is it to make payments using Deluxe eChecks?

How long does it take for a Deluxe eCheck to reach the recipient?

Depends on how fast you can hit ‘send.’ Because Deluxe eChecks are sent digitally, your payment can reach them within seconds of being sent.

Learn more about the receiving process and options here.

How many eChecks can I send out at one time?

Hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands! The Deluxe eCheck platform was built for business and is scaleable for enterprise application. Send as many eChecks as you want quickly, easily and affordably.

Can I send Deluxe eChecks internationally?

Of course! You can send eChecks to anyone with a valid email address and they can be retrieved, printed and deposited in any country that accepts U.S. checks. Because of the unique banking regulations in other countries, however, we can’t guarantee that every bank in every country will accept an eCheck for deposit. We recommend sending a test eCheck for a small amount before creating a regular payment flow.

No email address? Learn more about our print+mail option to send secure checks to a physical address instead!

What if I send a Deluxe eCheck to the wrong email address?

If you accidentally send an eCheck to the wrong address, you can void it before it has been retrieved and the recipient will no longer have access to it. If the check has been retrieved by the time you notice the error, it will still be made out to the original payee. Should the email address you use be invalid, you’ll receive a bounced email notification and you can void, then reissue, the eCheck to the correct address.

Can I stop payment on an eCheck?

Yes, like a regular check, you can also put a stop payment on an eCheck. Simply contact your bank for the necessary details.

Try emailing checks today!

How easy is it to receive and deposit an eCheck?

How do I receive a check?

When you’re notified by email that you’ve received a check, simply retrieve it from our secure online system by clicking the “open this check” button. Then, simply print it out on any printer and cash or deposit it just like a paper check. It’s free and no registration is required. Need funds quickly? Choose Instant Funds* powered by Hyperwallet and, for a small fee, eChecks will be available in your account in just seconds.

Try it! Call us at 877.632.7573 and we’ll send you a $1 Deluxe eCheck so you can see how easy it is.

Will banks accept my Deluxe eChecks?

Yes. Deluxe eChecks are exactly like any other check accepted by your bank. If your bank does have questions, they can simply follow the directions on the check to verify its authenticity.

Can I really just print a check from a regular printer?

Yes. Just like you can print airline and concert tickets from your own printer, you can print your checks as well. Every Deluxe eCheck contains a digital fingerprint that cannot be forged and allows for easy verification.

Does a Deluxe eCheck work with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)?

Yes. Simply endorse the back of the check and you’re ready. Using your phone, mobile device or other optical reader, Deluxe eChecks can be easily processed.

How secure are Deluxe eChecks?

Will Deluxe eChecks keep my payments safe from check fraud?

While no payment method is 100% safe from fraud, we’ve used over 100 years of check experience to create a patent-pending process designed to make Deluxe eChecks one of the most secure payment methods on the market. Safety features include:

Limited touchpoints: The typical paper check is touched by as many as 8 people from the time it’s issued to the time it’s cashed. That’s 6 interception points between the issuer and the receiver where fraud can be perpetrated. Once delivered, traditional checks can easily be taken from unattended mailboxes. Because Deluxe eChecks are sent directly from payer to payee, mailboxes and other interception points are eliminated.

Separation of controls: This simply means that we give you the ability to assign members access to your accounts, while delegating what functions they’ll be allowed to perform (create checks, sign checks, etc.).

Secure, online retrieval: Deluxe eChecks are not sent delivered as an attachment via email. Instead, a link is emailed to the recipient and the check is retrieved from our secure, online system.

Verification on our secure online database: Each Deluxe eCheck receives a complex, cryptographic time stamp that verifies, for your financial institution, the authenticity of every check issued.

Learn more about the security of eChecks here.

Can a person print and deposit multiple copies of a Deluxe eCheck?

Like traditional paper checks, an eCheck is a numbered transaction, each with a unique number to identify it. Depositing the same check repeatedly doesn’t work because your bank won’t release funds for the same check number more than once.


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