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Print + Mail

Streamline payment processing.

Streamline payment processing

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We (Re)Invented Checking. Again.

Print+Mail combines the speed and convenience of sending a digital payment with the experience of receiving a traditional business check. With just a click, Print+Mail automatically generates and prints high security paper checks from our secure processing facility and mails them for you the same day.

Spend time making money, not making payments.

Print+Mail, using the trusted Deluxe Payment Exchange Platform, dramatically slashes the administrative time you previously directed to running checks, and stuffing envelopes, as well as the expense of mailing. It’s a smart way for you to spend more time doing what you need to do - work.

Two great ways to send and receive payments

For more than 100 years, Deluxe has been a leader in secure business payments. With the addition of both eChecks and now Print+Mail, you now have two new ways to get payments to anyone via their mailbox or inbox.

Monthly payment cost comparison

Thanks to the new Print+Mail solution from Deluxe, you can now process both paper and eChecks almost instantly from a single platform. With Print+Mail, Deluxe will prepare and send a high-security paper check on your behalf the same day you hit send, while eChecks let you pay anyone with an email address instantly.


Paper Checks - $120

Traditional Payments you write and mail yourself . No change to your routine; you're in charge of everything. Time consuming and costly to keep needed supplies on hand.

print + mail

Print+Mail - $50

One click we'll Print +Mail secure paper checks for you. A fraction of the time and expense of mailing checks. No change to payee experience - they still receive a paper check.


eChecks - $30

Instantly email legal checks to anyone with an email address. No need for mailing address or bank routing numbers . Checks can be deposited at any bank or via mobile apps.

Send faster payments today

Get started with our special Deluxe eChecks introductory offer: 50 eChecks for just $30

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